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Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations | Petco

Do you live near a popular dog park or famously dog-friendly area? Writing a business plan will help you determine the need in your community, the potential opportunities and the threats for your business as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Think of this as a roadmap you will refer back to throughout the first years in operation. Part of this preliminary process is to find the right location for your business. Ideally, it will be in a high traffic, visible area, which will mean higher rent but probably also better returns.

You may be opening within another business, like a car wash, so search for successful partners in desirable areas.

How to Earn Huge With a Dog Wash

Research the best time to open a business in your community. For example, opening your pet washing business in January, when customers may get snowed in or be less likely to travel, would not be as successful as opening the wash in March or April, when customers are thinking of spring cleaning and the temperatures begin climbing.

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  • How to Start a Self-Serve Dog Washing Business;

Your local bank may have special loan rates available for entrepreneurs and small business owners if you are borrowing to start your pet washing company. All Paws has some suggestions for financing options. The Small Business Association offers some additional advice on how you can make your business plan stand out, for example:.

Benefits of Self Serve Dog Wash

A major benefit to writing a business plan is that you can avoid scope creep. Keep it simple! If you are setting up a coin operated dog wash station, like the pet wash vending stations provided by All Paws Pet Wash, you only need a very small footprint for your business. If you are going to operate your pet washing business in an already existing building, inspect the water and drainage system to make sure the plumbing can handle your special needs.

If you decide to take the route of buying a self-serve pet wash machine, make sure that you invest in high quality dog washing equipment. All Paws Pet Wash systems are made with lasting durability and comfort in mind. The process is pretty straightforward. Our self-serve pet wash frames are all welded construction, made of extruded aluminum. The exposed aluminum is then powder coated using an exterior grade premium powder, colored to your liking.

Dog Groomers are moving from the old ramp and tub pet washes to self-serve pet wash systems.

Deciding on the right number of pet wash vending stations to start your business is another important decision. Multiple pet wash vending stations are necessary to serve your clients, but how many? Know the sweet spot of how many stations will give you enough to earn a profit, but not so many that it becomes unmanageable. Calculate your budget to see what cost per wash will help you meet your operating expenses and make a profit. Based on your review of the competition and other pet prices in your area, you will also set pricing for various services.

What makes sense for your space? Probably dog and cat treats, brushes, dental products, pet toys and other accessories. The signage for your store is also critically important, as are brochures, business cards and other print collateral. Going beyond the dog washing machine to complete your professional and welcoming space and attract even more clients can add dollars to your bottom line by encouraging additional purchases. When you're weighing what kind of station will be best for your business goals, you're probably wondering what benefits a self-serve wash station offers.

Here's why you should choose this kind of station when you're figuring out how to start a self-serve pet wash business:. Wondering what comes with a self-serve pet wash station? One of the best parts of self-serve washes is the fact they come with their own equipment — and when you choose a station from All Paws Pet Wash, everything you need is included. Here are all the features you'll get with our wash station:. Another up-front cost of starting a pet washing company is the hired professionals who will help guide you and save you from making common mistakes.

An attorney will help you incorporate your company or draft the contract if you are partnering with an already-existing business.

Registering your business name with your state government and getting a tax ID number are critically important. An accountant will make sure you are claiming all possible deductions and may ultimately save you money. Those businesses with coin operated dog wash stations will be dealing a lot with cash. Accountants can give you advice about how to best set up your book keeping and cash management systems so they align with best practices and fraud prevention.

Another professional to consider adding to your team is a real estate agent. Can the landlord add extra plumbing and water access? What about a floor drain, doggie door or no-slip flooring? The real estate agent can act as a go-between and negotiate on your behalf to get the best price and accommodations. Who are your customers? Dog owners within a 10 mile radius?

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Try to refine your target audience even further, especially in the beginning. Do women usually come in or men? Mostly mothers or teenage daughters? Focusing on your target customers — with as specific demographics as possible — will help you determine which avenues you can use to best promote your business. Do you need an Appointment? Do I need to bring anything?

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The only thing you need to bring is your Pup and proof of rabies certificate or your last Vet. Can I bring my own Shampoo? Do you do just nail trim? Is there any breed that you will not groom? Click on the file to download, Print and fill out and bring in with you! This makes your time at Fur Babies a little easier for you and your Fur Baby.

Price is by the weight of your Fur Baby. Proof of Rabies is required for all self washes. There is no tax on self wash. Make it a true spa day! Made with Aloe and Vitamin E.

Shiba Inu Bath Time / Self Serve Dog Wash

All Natural. Baking Soda base. Clip or Dremel what ever is better for your Fur Baby. We always have a good selection of different Bandannas. Proof of Rabies is required for all grooming.

Please call for pricing, since every dog is different. All grooms come with Ear cleaning and Nail Trim. For specialty cuts there is an extra charge do to additional time to groom them. Your One stop shop for a clean Fur Baby. Sign up here to receive specials, sales, and upcoming events from us. We love our customers and their Fur Babies, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Open today.