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In his new spiritual memoir "My Journey down the Reincarnation Highway: The True Story of a Man who found nine of His Past Lives" author.
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Label My journey down the reincarnation highway : the true story of a man who found nine of his past lives Title My journey down the reincarnation highway Title remainder the true story of a man who found nine of his past lives Statement of responsibility Frank Mares Creator Mares, Frank Author Mares, Frank Subject Nonfiction Reincarnation -- Biography Language eng Summary In this personal account, one man details how he discovered the fact of reincarnation and explores what he did in his prior lives.

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Nerang Library Borrow it. Robina Library Borrow it. Runaway Bay Library Borrow it. Southport Library Borrow it. It is not the conventional or traditional concept of reincarnation, Mr. Clark termed it "Generic Subjective Continuity". The paper was published in the Humanist and republished in "The Experience of Philosophy". His argument states that "nothingness" is never an experienced actuality for conscious beings, and therefore subjective experience does not cease at death, as the common secular conception holds, but relocates into other conscious beings, where no supernatural entity literally transmigrates from one being to another.

Another philosopher and author, Wayne Stewart, also created an argument directly parallel to Mr. Clark's entitled: "Metaphysics by Default" in Zoroastrianism does not believe in reincarnation. Zoroastrianism believes that the soul is given final judgment 3 days after death. Zoroastrianism believes in Frashokereti , where the world will end, and the metal from the mountains will pour out throughout the earth.

The souls that did good deeds, and those that are in heaven, will feel it as warm milk, and those who have done bad deeds and who are in hell will feel as if pointed, sharp rocks are poking at them. The world will be remade after this, with all of evil removed from the earth, and the souls will go through a phase where they will be "born again" or cleansed.

People Discover Who They Were In A Past Life

The ethnic neopagan Lithuanian faith, Romuva , accepts reincarnation as the most probable form of existence after death. However, people are not reincarnated in human form. Rather, they take the form of trees, rocks, etc. During the Renaissance, a new flowering of public interest in reincarnation occurred.

One of the prominent figures in the revival was Italy's leading philosopher and poet Giordano Bruno , who was ultimately sentenced to be burned at the stake by the Inquisition among others because of his teachings about reincarnation. During the classical period of German literature metempsychosis attracted much attention: Goethe played with the idea, and it was taken up more seriously by Lessing , who borrowed it from Charles Bonnet , and by Herder.

It has been mentioned with respect by Hume and by Schopenhauer. Rather, all of a person's past and future lives are happening at once, in an eternal now moment; and the decisions made in any of these lifetimes influence all of the other lives and are influenced by them. Hermann Hesse , Literary Nobel Prize, , expressed a viewpoint of " Reincarnation plays an important role in the ideas of Anthroposophy , a spiritual movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. Steiner described the human soul as gaining new experiences in every epoch and in a variety of races or nations.

The unique personality, with its weaknesses and abilities, is not simply a reflection of the body's genetic heritage. Though Steiner described the incarnating soul as searching for and even preparing a familial lineage supportive of its future life, a person's character is also determined by his or her past lives. Anthroposophy describes the present as being formed by a tension between the past and the future. Both influence our present destiny ; there are events that occur due to our past, but there are also events that occur to prepare us rightly for the future.

The Story of Barbro Karlen’s Proof That She Is Anne Frank Reincarnated

Between these two, there is space for human free will ; we create our destiny , not only live it out, just as we build a house in which we then choose to live. Anthroposophy has developed various spiritual exercises that are intended to develop the capacity to discern past lives and the deeper nature of the human being. In addition, Steiner investigated the karmic relationships of many historical individuals, from Karl Marx to Julian the Apostate.

The Theosophical Society which draws much of its inspiration from India, was the first institution in modern times responsible for widely spreading the concept of reincarnation in the West. It has taken reincarnation, as well as karma and spiritual evolution, as one of its cardinal tenets; it is, according to a recent theosophical writer, "the master-key to modern problems," including heredity. Reincarnation is the vast rhythmic process by which the soul in man unfolds its spiritual powers in the world of form and gets to know itself. First, the soul descends from its sublime, free, spiritual realms, to inhabit a baby form.

While living in a human form, it gathers experience through its effort to express itself in the world.

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  • After the lifetime is over, there is a withdrawal from the physical plane to successively higher levels of Reality, in what we call death. It involves a process of purification and assimilation of the wisdom from its past life experience.

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    Finally, having completely withdrawn and cast off all instruments of personal experience, it stands again in its spiritual and formless nature. After that process is finished, the soul is ready to begin its next rhythmic manifestation and to descend into matter in a new effort to unfold its spiritual nature and to gain consciousness of its divine origin and nature. From such a view point, which covers vast periods of time, what is called a lifetime is as a day in the life of the true spiritual human being. This spiritual entity moves forward on a vast pilgrimage, every lifetime bringing it closer to complete self-knowledge and self-expression.

    According to Theosophy , then, that which reincarnates is the part of man which belongs to the formless non-material and timeless worlds. It is neither the physical body and all of its characteristics, nor the emotional nature, with all its personal likes and dislikes, nor the mental nature, with its accumulated knowledge and its habits of thinking, that will reincarnate.

    That which is above all these aspects is that which reincarnates. However, when the formless essence of a human being begins its process of reincarnation, it attracts the old mental, emotional, and energetic karmic patterns to form the new personality. Thus the soul with the added powers developed during its previous lives and the post-mortem process of assimilation, deals with the old hindrances or shortcomings it was not able to work out in its previous lifetimes.

    Past reincarnation, usually termed "past lives", is a key part of the principles and practices of the Church of Scientology. Scientologists believe that the human individual is actually an immortal thetan , or spiritual entity, that has fallen into a degraded state as a result of past-life experiences. Scientology auditing is intended to free the person of these past-life traumas and recover past-life memory, leading to a higher state of spiritual awareness. This idea is echoed in their highest fraternal religious order, the Sea Organization , whose motto is "Revenimus" or "We Come Back", and whose members sign a "billion-year contract" as a sign of commitment to that ideal.

    Ron Hubbard , the founder of Scientology, does not use the word "reincarnation" to describe its beliefs, noting that: "The common definition of reincarnation has been altered from its original meaning. The word has come to mean 'to be born again in different life forms' whereas its actual definition is 'to be born again into the flesh of another body.

    The first writings in Scientology regarding past lives date from around and slightly earlier. In he wrote Mission Into Time , a report on a five-week sailing expedition to Sardinia, Sicily and Carthage to see if specific evidence could be found to substantiate L. Ron Hubbard's recall of incidents in his own past, centuries ago. American mystic Edgar Cayce promoted the theory of both reincarnation and karma, but wherein they acted as instruments of a loving God as well as natural laws - the purpose being to teach us certain spiritual lessons.

    Animals are said to have undifferentiated, "group" souls rather than individuality and consciousness. Once the soul evolves through a succession of animal incarnations and achieves human status, it is not then reborn in animal form. Eckankar offers a mix of Eastern and Western thought and reincarnation is a basis of this teaching. Similar to early Christian thought from the philosopher Origen , Eckankar postulates that the soul is perfected through a series of incarnations until it arrives at "Personal Mastery".

    The belief in past lives and the use of perceptions and knowledge of these to help with one's current life is central to the New Age movement. Reincarnation is a well accepted belief within the modern Pagan and New Age religions of the world. The beliefs vary from traditional texts of that of Hindu, Buddhist and more recent studies by Edgar Cayce and other more recent Occultists. It was written in several texts that the Celts and the Druids believed in Reincarnation, but the exact philosophy is not known. Some, Wiccans in particular, believe when they die they move onto a place called Summerland, temporarily, to rest and prepare for their next incarnation.

    Many Pagans believe that they will incarnate many lifetimes, until they have experienced all there is to experience, until they move on to a higher plane of existence. However, there are still some Modern pagans that believe when they die they move onto Fairyland, Summerland, Valhalla, The Underworld, or other heaven or hell like dimensions to dwell permanently.

    Thomas Huxley , the famous English biologist, thought that reincarnation was a plausible idea and discussed it in his book Evolution and Ethics and other Essays. Stevenson spent over 40 years devoted to the study of children who have apparently spoken about a past life.

    What Happens After Death? - Death & Mourning

    In each case, Professor Stevenson methodically documented the child's statements. Then he identified the deceased person the child allegedly identified with, and verified the facts of the deceased person's life that matched the child's memory. He also matched birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records such as autopsy photographs. A boy in Beirut spoke of being a year-old mechanic, thrown to his death from a speeding car on a beach road.

    According to multiple witnesses, the boy provided the name of the driver, the exact location of the crash, the names of the mechanic's sisters and parents and cousins, and the people he went hunting with — all of which turned out to match the life of a man who had died several years before the boy was born, and who had no apparent connection to the boy's family.

    Stevenson believed that his strict methods ruled out all possible "normal" explanations for the child's memories. However, it should be noted that a significant majority of Professor Stevenson's reported cases of reincarnation originate in Eastern societies, where dominant religions often permit the concept of reincarnation.