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Jun 10, He had been my mentor for 30 years. He died yesterday. He was CEO of the firm where I began my consulting career, and for the first 15 years.
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I still talk with him quite regularly. It is ironic my first game could be against Aston Villa. No gamble Sir Alex has been served well by an older head before: a year-old Teddy Sheringham's efforts in United's title triumph earned him the Footballer of the Year crown. With Larsson, the gamble appears minimal. He invested in me.

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When I became the sales manager at GoTo. This job was my first time managing. We sat back to back, so I did the same. I walked him through my day, and he coached me on what I did well, could do better and should look out for in the future. He also walked me through his day. He made sure I knew what was going on in the company and understood his decision making. All of this was, in short, a personalized MBA in management. One that I was paid to earn. It was great and laid the foundation for my current career of consulting in management development.

I learned from Jay until the day I left GoTo.

What the Death of My Teacher and Friend Taught Me About Mentorship

I wish I could say that my departure was at the end of a performance line that constantly went up and to the right. As the company grew, and the responsibilities of my role expanded, I started to struggle. A more seasoned manager, John, was hired in between Jay and me to consolidate a couple of units. I struggled more. Later I came to understand that the challenges I had with John had nothing to do with him. I felt like I had let Jay down by not being good enough to take the larger role.

John got the runoff from those feelings. Sorry John. It became clear that senior management felt a change was in order. Jay took the lead.

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