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It's no secret that New York City isn't exactly the most affordable place to call home. Anyone who lives here undoubtedly hears remarks often.
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There are better things to complain about. Find the best bagel shop, pizza place and bodega near both your home and work. These things will sustain you when nothing else does.

Living in NYC: Expectations VS Reality

Know your history. Bryant Park not exactly underdog, but so pretty! Find the one closest to you and enjoy. Know which neighborhood names are real, and which you should never, ever say. Soho, Tribeca, Dumbo—all good. Always tip your barista. Master the art of jaywalking. Part NYC performance art, part vital life skill for anyone not wanting to be late for everything , this is just something you do here. Know the difference between rudeness and plain old New Yorkiness.

So before you lose it on someone, learn to tell the difference between a New Yorker you ask someone for directions and they shout them at you while never slowing their pace and a rude New Yorker someone who saves a seat on a crowded subway with a shopping bag. And by all means, feel free to lose it on the latter. What a jerk. Match the speed of the pedestrians around you. Tourists, we love you.

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You are the best. Always know the cross streets. Be an efficient line waiter. Do everything in your power to be prepared by the time you get to the front of a line, whether at the grocery store, coffee shop or even in the subway. The people behind you will thank you by not murdering you. Sometimes, they can get you places a lot faster. And your phone works! Be mindful on the subway. Remember to veer right. If you and another person are both walking exactly towards each other on the sidewalk, you should both veer right.

Learn to eat and walk.

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His goal in life is to make "Batman" an adjective. Follow his totally Batman Twitter nickleftley. Stop complaining about putting bags on subway seats: if you need a seat, I'll move the bag, I won't sit there like an idiot with an empty seat and a bag on my lap. Got it?

Love living in NYC. Huh, maybe I've been away a long time, since when have we started calling subway cards 'metrocards'? True, been too long. Stopped taking subways around the mid 90's, when 'metrocards' started to become popular, and was just referring to them as 'subwaycards' in my head. This means I need to keep better tabs on the city if still planning to retire there. I am forever a NYker at heart!

Moving to New York City? NYC Living Costs & Relocation Tips –

Thuy J Since always. Thuy J for the past 10 years. This place has a little of everything with a tough attitude!!

These are great! Turn right onto Broadway.

How Do People Live A Comfortable Life Making Less Than Six Figures In Expensive Cities?

End at Broadway. Stay straight to go onto Dyer Ave. Turn left onto 8TH Ave. Follow signs from the tunnel to the West Side Highway. Go north on the West Side Highway. Turn right onto 3RD Ave. Turn left onto 7TH Ave. Take the F.

Keep right at the fork in the ramp. Skip to content. New York.

How to move to NYC: A crash course guide to finding an apartment

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